1) How does an e-bike work?

All e-bikes are supplied with a key. Once the key is turned to the On position (assuming a battery is installed), the rider can twist the throttle to start riding the bike or start pedaling to engage the pedal assist system. Turning the key will also lock the battery to the bike, so no one walks off with it.


2) How does the throttle work?

All e-bike models are equipped with a twist or thumb throttle. The throttle operates like a motorcycle throttle. With the twist throttle, the more you twist the grip on the handlebars, the more power is applied.


3) How many miles can I travel on a fully charged battery?

There are several variables that can affect the total range on a fully charged battery. Battery types, rider weight, level of selected throttle speed (1-3), as well as the terrain type (including steep hills) will all affect the range. On average, you can expect to travel 20-180 miles/32-160 kilometers on a full charged battery.


4) How long does it take to charge?

Approximately 3-10 hours to charge, depending on the state of the battery prior to charge. Please check out the detailed product information in our website page.


5) How should I charge the battery?

To achieve the longest life from your battery it is best to charge the battery after each use or at least once daily if used every day. It should also be charged once every month if not used for a long period of time. All bikes come with smart chargers which stop charging when the battery is at capacity, so it is okay to leave you bike plugged in at all times.


6) Can I remove the battery and does it lock in place?

Yes, most of the battery can be simply taken out when the key is turned to the unlock position. Please check out the detailed product information in our website page.


7) What types of batteries do you offer, and what is the difference?

All our bikes are equipped with lithium batteries, which are light weight and long lasting. Light weight, lasts about 1000 recharge cycles. No memory effect. 3-7 year shelf life.

Some of our e-bike conversion kits use sealed lead acid batteries (SLA): Heavy, lasts about 500 recharge cycles. 1-4 year shelf life.


8) Will rain or temperature affect my electric bike?

All my electric bicycles are waterproofed. You may experience a decrease in range when riding in extremely hot or cold weather. The chemistry of the battery works best in temperatures between 32-90 degrees Fahrenheit. They will work in freezing temperatures but the colder it is, then the less charge the battery can hold.


9) How about a folding bike?

Folding bikes take less space. They can fit in the trunk of a car, or a smaller apartment or cubicle. In addition, you can bring your folding bike easily on a bus, train, or boat. Some people choose folding bikes so when they commute to work they dont have to worry about leaving their bike chained up outside where it could be stolen or vandalized. Please check out the detailed product information in our website page.


9) What is Pedal-Assist?

The Pedal-Assist Mode (PAS) operates when you are pedaling the bike and progressively adds electrical power to the motor. The faster you pedal, the more power is applied. PAS mode significantly increases battery range as compared with using the throttle alone. This mode can be turned on and off by a switch on the handle bars, or turning off the key to the off position. All our bikes are equipped with PAS.


10) Where can I ride?

Many trails and bike paths allow e-bikes. Speed e-bike regulations vary by country, state, and city. Check with your local authorities for clarification, or check out


11)Do electric bikes require a license or registration?

Depending on where you live, speed e-bikes (those that can reach 28mph/45kph) may require licensing or registration. The rules are changing quickly, so it’s best to check with local authorities for clarification, or check out


12) What sort of maintenance is required on an electric bike?

It is important to take good care of your E-bike, as you would with any other high quality item. You must keep it clean and dry, and keep the battery charged. You should take it into a bike shop (or do yourself) periodically for lubrication and tune-ups. Make sure your brakes are in good condition and properly adjusted and replace brake pads when they wear down. Always keep tires properly inflated to maintain maximum battery range. It is also suggested you bring your rear wheel into a bike shop after the first 150 miles to have the spokes tightened.


13) What if I need a replacement part?

We have most replacement parts available for the e-bikes and e-motorcycles we carry. Contact our friendly support team and ask if the part you need is available. If we do not have that part available we will usually direct you to somewhere where you can buy it.


14) What is the warranty policy?

FLY WING E-BIKE provide three months to one year warranty for the original owner against all manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship.

Any problems caused by accidents, alteration, abuse, neglect are not covered by the warranty. This warranty does not include consumables or normal wear and tear parts.

FLY WING E-BIKE shall not be responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential damages, including without limitation, accident, damages for personal injury, property damage, or economic losses, whether based on contract, warranty, negligence, or product liability in connection with their products.